Place d'Arme - Old Montréal
© Tourism Montréal
"Discovered" in 1535 by Jacques Cartier, and founded more than a century later, in 1642, by a handful of French settlers, Montréal, today, numbers 3.4 million people of virtually every single nationality and creed on the planet.

Throughout its colourful history, Montréal has been in turn a French settlement, a British stronghold and a bilingual city. Today it is officially bilingual and proud of its status as the largest French-speaking city in North America and second-largest French-speaking city in the world. In fact, this is a wonderful example of a truly international city where newcomers feel right at home and visitors will always find someone who speaks their language.

Montréal's 350 years of history mingle easily with its modern surroundings. Over the years, European flair has blended with North American savoir-faire to create the story of Montréal-a rich history, a blend of cultures, and a fierce passion for the future.


  Montréal skyline from Old Port
© Tourism Montréal, Stéphane Poulin